In 2017, I was given essential oil blends to support my anxiety and depression. Their effect on me was so profound that I bought a premium starter kit and dived into the world of wellness with Young Living.

Fast forward 4 years and we have embraced a low tox lifestyle and are the healthiest we have ever been, and have built a business sharing what I’ve learned with others!

I qualified as an aromatherapist and launched my business Waves and Wellness Co, sharing my belief that every life was created for a purpose, and in order to live well we must feel well.

I offer online and in person consultations, wellness mentoring, and business training to my client and coworker community. If you are curious about wellness and would like to know more drop me a message at wavesandwellnessco@gmail.com

Clinical Aromatherapy

At times the body requires more specific support to restore balance at a cellular level. In my online / in person Clinical Aromatherapy sessions, you will have an indepth consultation where I will assess your individual needs and create a bespoke blend for you to take home. Should you wish, you can follow an in person consultation with a massage using your personalised blend.

I am based at Magnolia Centre for Health and Wellbeing, 44 Victoria Gardens, Neath SA11 every Monday.

Contact me on wavesandwellnessco@gmail.com or 07824619724 or click here to book an appointment.