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Back to school for a new season

Okay, so the children are FINALLY going back to school (YAY) but this mama’s not willing to embrace the change all over again. The reason? My baby boy (yes I know he is four but still) is going to be joining his brother at school. ALL. DAY. So this should be an incentive right? Wrong. My middle child is my side kick, my helper, my buddy, my live-in baby entertainer. I mean, who is going to keep the little one happy while I hang the washing out now???

Jokes aside, I do feel more than a tad emotional about him starting school. He, on the other hand, seems to be taking it all in his stride, despite the fact I keep saying that he doesn’t legally have to go to school every day until he is five. His response? “Mommy, you just have to accept that I am growing up.”

His response? “Mommy, you just have to accept that I am growing up.”

No son, I don’t. I can’t, I won’t.

Fortunately, I am not going to be home alone, thanks to my little lady limpet who would be permanently attached to my hip if she had half the chance. Lord knows what I’ll be like when she goes to school. *shudders*

In the meantime, I have decided to take my mind off the impending life change and embrace the new season with an updated style. As the kids go back to school in their shiny new shoes and crisp white shirts, it is only fair that the parents get to update their wardrobe too, right?!

Autumn is hands-down my favourite season. I love the vibrant, rich colours, the sweet warm smell of conkers and falling leaves, and I simply adore autumn fashion. A self-confessed scarf addict, I am all about the patterned print pashminas, chunky knits and my beloved ankle boots. These are the items I am currently dreaming of on my wish list. Swoon. After my wonderful hubby bought item number one, the super soft and stunningly gorgeous Rosa saddle bag from Monsoon as a surprise, I clearly need the other items to go with it……


Aren’t they divine? I love the jewel tones of mustard, teal and aubergine popping up everywhere in the new season and the Georgia Scarf from FatFace ticks every colour box. Now to get back to work to try and earn some pennies to pay for them all! Bye for now!

R x