Sitting in the Son

Sitting in the Son. Yes the spelling is intentional. Because God knows I need His presence today. I didn’t make it through ten minutes of church because my two year old had other ideas. My ten year olds behaviour has been disgraceful on and off all week. Our belongings are scattered between about sixteen different bags that are rammed into every available space in our car. Tempers are rising as fast as the temperature. It’s safe to say we are ready to go home.

I hate leaving Wales because the mountains and the ocean soothe my soul like nothing else on earth. But I also hate the temporality of holidays, and by the end of the week away I find myself craving the comfort and familiarity of home.

But where is home? It doesn’t feel like Birmingham. With its rising crime and pollution filled air. It doesn’t feel like the hustle and bustle, the traffic, the sirens. But it is where God called us all those years ago. He asked us to serve and serve we have. Through redundancies, depression, anxiety and adoption, we have served. After a much needed year of selah, where we have leaned on God like never before, we are finally steady on our feet. As I start to feel my strength returning and as we get ready to start a new adventure, it should come as no surprise that the devil starts knocking.

You can’t do this. You won’t do this. You are going to fall again. You are going to mess up.

His whispers mix with my thoughts and mess with my mind. But Jesus. Oh Jesus.

When He was nailed to the cross, my fears and failures were nailed with Him. When He rose from the grave victorious, I too rose with Him. He won the battle for my life so I could win the battles in life.

Jesus said I am with you today and always. You are not alone. I’ve got you and we’ve got this. You are loved, you are precious, you are a child of God.

Oh Jesus.

Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy of your soul. He will do everything He possibly can to derail your destiny. Listen to the one who defeated hell and holds the keys to hades in His hands. Listen to the one who loves you so completely and unconditionally, just as you are. His words in the Bible and His actions on the cross shout louder than any of the devils whispers.

Today I am sitting in the Son. Because His presence calms the storm in my heart, soothes the troubles in my mind and restores my soul.

R x


Standing in the Son

There is nothing quite like feeling the sun on your face. It’s warmth radiating through your skin and across your body as you bask in the glorious rays peeking through the clouds.

Granted we don’t always see a great deal of it here in the UK, but when the sun does grace us with its welcome presence, Brits know to make the most of it. Suddenly there is a flurry of activity, picnics are packed, sun hats and swim suits are put on and people everywhere flock to their nearest park/open air pool/beach to soak up the sun.

I have to admire Brits for their tenacity. The sheer determination to capitalise on every last little bit of the warm weather, and their sheer grit to remain outdoors when the weather turns. But I can’t help wondering, if we are so captivated by the seasonal glow from the sun, how much more should we be captivated by the ever-present and eternal warmth from the Son?

Jesus came so that we could have life and live it to the full (John 10:10). We as humans were designed by God to have relationship with Him, to bask in His glory, not sit shivering on a beach in a t-shirt and shorts, towel wrapped around us, desperate to look like we are having the time of our lives whilst being in denial that we are experiencing a ‘proper’ summer.

Jesus didn’t just come to bring warmth, hope, love, forgiveness and freedom. He came so that we could feel His warmth, His love, His forgiveness personally, so that we could extend it to others. He came so that we could experience the joys of summer in our lives, in our hearts and in our relationships.

And the true beauty of the Son is He shines all year round.

The sun is an integral part of life on earth, without it we would cease to exist. Plants need the sun to grow, and guess what? So do we. When we are in the presence of the one true Son, Jesus Christ we will be refreshed, restored and renewed. We will find strength to face the day, stretch and grow our muscles of faith to climb that mountain and find renewed hope that with God anything really is possible. Jesus loves us and He is waiting for us to look up to Him, and feel His warmth on our face each and every day of our lives.

If you have found yourself in the middle of a storm lately, feeling downtrodden or downcast, look up for the Son and you will find that little ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds.