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Why I love Essential Oils

Okay, so if you’ve been following any of my social media platforms in the last 6 months or so then you will know I have become slightly obsessed with essential oils. But do you know why? Let me tell you.

Last summer my life turned upside down in the most beautiful way, however with it came the weight of responsibility, unwanted anxiety and days of despair such as I have never known.

But Jesus. Oh, I have a Saviour who cares so much about ALL things, and He set about using my brokenness to set me up in business.

Jesus set about using my brokenness to set me up in business.

For God works all things together for the good of those who love Him. Romans 8:28

So, as I sat mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, trying to distract myself from my thoughts, I came across the lovely Lucy Wilman. I had been following Lucy for a few months through a mutual friend and she often talked about how she used essential oils at home with her family. I always thought of them as a ‘nice to have’ luxurious way to fragrance your home, but Lucy talked about them as if they could actually affect how you feel.

I usually added her posts to my list of ‘things-I-will-buy-when-I-finally-make-it-in-life’ and carried on scrolling, but one day a post struck a chord.

Lucy was sharing a Tired Mumma Survival Kit, and whats more, she was giving some away. I commented to enter and lo and behold, I won! Now the kit was actually designed to help restless babies settle down for the night, but it was my own struggles with sleep that this kit appealed to.

Tired Mama Kit

I received a sleepy balm containing Lavender + Frankincense essential oils in coconut oil, a sample of Peace & Calming essential oil and a roller bottle containing En-R-Gee essential oil and sweet almond oil for during the day.

I duly followed the instructions; rubbed the balm on my chest and added a drop of Peace & Calming to my pillow before bed. I laid my head down expecting the usual couple of hours of staring into space, followed by fitful bursts of sleep. The next thing I knew my iPhone alarm was going off and the children were chatting excitedly as they came into my room.

I had slept. All night.

I messaged Lucy asking her what wonder drug she had sent me. The reply came that these were no drugs, they were the pure essential oils, distilled and bottled by Young Living. Lucy told me that plants contain chemical constituents that can support every single system in the human body, physically and emotionally, with the power of nature alone.

As a keen nature lover and aspiring eco-warrior, I was all in. I saved for two months and bought my Premium Starter Kit. I then began an incredible journey learning how to maintain my children’s physical wellness, support my emotional wellbeing and how to rid my home of toxic chemicals.


Since my kit landed on my doorstep last September, I have lived a healthier, happier life. Is it completely stress-free? Heck no. Have all my anxieties lifted? Nope. But they are few and far between, and when trouble does strike, I now have an arsenal of natural remedies to help support us through any event. From minor bumps to mental clarity, restful sleep to respiratory support, teething to tummy trouble; there is an oil for that.

Want to try essential oils for yourself? You can. Because not only am I a passionate oily mama, I am also an oily educator.

Jesus set about using my brokenness to set me up in business.

You see, not only did Jesus give me a natural way to support my health and my families health, He also gave me a business to build. I am now training in aromatherapy and sharing my knowledge with others. I am still at the start of my journey but am so crazy excited for my future. I would like to have you along for the ride, it is going to be epic!

R x

Faith, Parenting

I will never leave you

I write this post propped up against a giant stuffed tiger on the bottom bunk bed watching over my youngest. He awoke in the middle of the night shouting for me as he was sick. He seemed instantly brighter afterwards, and even smiled his heartstoppingly sweet smile to crack a joke while washing his hands. 

He lay back down in to bed and I gently stroked his hair and prayed for him, but he seemed fitful and he kept looking up to check that I was still there. He waved my fingers away from his hair, not wanting to be mithered, so I simply sat in silent prayer watching him. 

After a few minutes of sitting on the floor next to his head, I shifted my weight slightly and he immediately looked up and said, “Where are you going Mommy?”

“No where baby,” I replied, “Do you want me to stay?”

He nodded quietly, so I grabbed my dressing gown, pillow and a book, and settled down at the bottom of his bed to watch him instantly relax and drift off to sleep.

As I watched him, my momma’s heart sad and prayerful, I felt the father heart of God remind me of how He watches us. He knows that sometimes we don’t need to be held,  we just need to know that someone is watching over us.

Indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber or sleep. Psalm 121:4 NIVUK

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety. ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭4:8‬ ‭NIVUK

Our Heavenly Father never sleeps, He never slumbers. He never lets you out of His sight, not even for one second. You may not feel His hand on your shoulder today, but I guarantee you that He has His eye on you today and always. 

Rest easy tonight knowing that the One who flung the stars into the sky and set the world in motion has you firmly in His sights and gently in His hands.

As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Joshua 1:5 NIVUK

Faith, Parenting

Singing over me

Are you lying awake right now, scanning the screen to kill time while sleep continues to elude you?

As a self-confessed night owl, I am frequently found burning the midnight oil only to suffer the consequences at 6 am when my sons decide its breakfast time. My recent trip to Cherish women’s conference in Leeds (which requires a whole other blog to discuss!) was no exception to this rule, with God conversations running into the wee hours and early mornings to secure the best seats in the house, followed by a 2 hour drive home. I came back spiritually refreshed but physically exhausted!

Upon my return that Saturday night, I found my beautiful boys bundled up in their beds. I lay next to them, snuggling their warm bodies and inhaling their scent deeply while I kissed their sleeping heads. Oh how I had missed them, I felt like my heart could burst as I quietly sang a melody over them.

Did you know that God sings a melody over you?

He watches you while you sleep, he sees the weary arms and legs flop onto the mattress, pulling sheets and blankets around your shoulders to shut out the world as you sink into slumber. God sees when you cry silent tears into the pillow for a love lost. He watches you as you toss and turn, reliving painful memories or fretting about the future. He hears the very thoughts in your mind as you lie awake pondering how to overcome a situation at work.

And all the while He is singing.

The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. Zephaniah 3:17

Singing melodies over your soul to gently soothe your troubled mind and reveal more and more of his power and grace. He instructs the angels to stand by your bedside and protect you from harm. God himself lays down next to you and wraps you up in a loving embrace to reveal his Father heart for his sons and daughters.

And he misses you.

Your absence from church hasn’t gone unnoticed by your heavenly father. Your polite decline to the numerous connect group meetings have not been overlooked. Your reluctance to come and sit in the presence of God and simply talk to him, breaks his heart.

God misses you!

As a Father and Mother miss their child when they are away, so too does our heavenly Father when we wander from the path that he has predestined for you. Absence certainly does make the heart grow fonder however, and with each passing day God is increasingly aware that you are hovering dangerously out of teach, vulnerable to distraction or attacking not safe in his arms, and he wants to draw you in to him, into his peace and into his purpose.

So as you lay yourself down to sleep, I pray the Lord your soul shall keep.
And I pray the Lord will let you hear, his songs of love whispered in your ear.


Faith, Parenting

Come and rest awhile…

“My not sleep now” insisted my 2 year old son this lunch time, despite my best efforts to coax him in to a slumbering state (including me reaching said state without him). I knew he was tired, and especially so due to a lingering cold, so I pulled him in close for a mama cuddle but he arched away, resisting my lullabies and caresses indicating that this was indeed the best thing for him. I eventually relented and shut the stair gate, much to his dismay, allowing him to potter in his darkened room in desperate hope that he would take himself off to sleep.

He did not.

And as I climbed the stairs a short while later, my red cheeked, bleary eyed little boy reached out to me and said “Need a cuddle.” A cuddle (and necessary nappy change) later, and my previously boisterous boy had ceased careering round his room with a duplo car and was now completely relaxed in my arms, clutching his favourite bear. He looked at me through sleepy eyes and said “my sleep now” and promptly closed his heavy eyelids, causing my heart to melt as he gave me the most adorable view of his chubby little face, cherub like lips and exquisite eyelashes.

Oh if only you had done this sooner and saved yourself the fight, I thought to myself, as I held my precious bundle close. I leaned in to bury my face in his soft, wispy hair, inhaling the soapy scent of my second born and God whispered to me “Me too.”

You see, as parents we have a different perspective on our children, we know what is right for them, what they can handle, what they need (and what they don’t), and our heavenly Father is no different. He knows how long you can take enduring that illness, that overbearing boss, that rogue relationship. He knows how far you can take that project or that ministry and he knows when you need to stop, take time out, hand it over or move on or simply and rest awhile.

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31 NIV

So often in our lives we try and do things in our own timing and in our own strength, and it is nothing short of exhausting. We end up tired, red cheeked and bleary eyed, crying out to God, why? Why is this happening? Why can’t I run round doing what I want to do? Why can’t I have that house/job/relationship/ministry?

But God is saying to us just wait a while, precious one, I know what you need and what you can handle right now and in the future. Allow your heart, mind, body and soul the chance to breathe, to rest and ultimately to grow.

It is no secret that the body does most of its growth and repair while we sleep, and so in order to be strong enough to take the next challenge and move in to the next season we need to make sure that we rest in God. Take time out to be still in his presence today. Listen to some worship music, light a candle and read a psalm or two before allowing your mind to drift in to the heavenly realms where your heavenly Father is waiting to draw you close, bury his face in your hair and shower your head with kisses.