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Back to School

First week into the new term and my emotions have been all over the place! The highs of the holidays followed by nervous excitement in the days leading up to the first day back all take their toll. Not to mention the fact that my middle son decided that the first day of Year 1 would be a great time to lose his second tooth. I was a hot mess.

I have a love-hate relationship with school. On one hand it is a place where I have seen my children thrive. They have learned new skills, made incredible friends (not to mention linked me to some pretty awesome mom friends!) and have grown in stature and confidence. However, I struggle with the fact that my kiddos spend over six hours of their day, five days a week, with people who I barely know. Their characters and their personalities are being influenced by people who undoubtedly have very different lives, loves and beliefs to me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I trust our teachers implicitly. The school that my children attend is excellent, the staff are kind and caring, having benefited from strong leadership and ethos. But sometimes I struggle with the fact that after a summer of freedom and learning through play, I am sending my small children into a classroom to sit still for a good portion of their day. I worry that someone may be mean to them or that they may end up playing alone. I worry that they might find the work too difficult, that they may feel overwhelmed or out of their depth. I worry that they may not be noticed or that they may be sad, or that they may simply be missing me.

Short of homeschooling, (which is something I have seriously considered, and decided that, for now at least, this isn’t an option for me) there is very little I can do to control or influence what happens in the classroom. But I can control what happens in the home.

You will know that essential oils play a massive part in our every day lives, and the children are no exception. We use them to support us physically and emotionally. I want to share with your our every day oily routine to help get the term off to a great start, for both me as a mama and for the children at school.

First and foremost we start every day by diffusing citrus oils. Citrus essential oils are true multitasking oils. They lift the mood and give you a natural pick-me-up, whilst calming the mind and boosting the immune system, making them a perfect way to start the day. We usually diffuse 2 drops each of grapefruit, orange and lemon essential oil which smell divine and make us feel soo good.

Next up we all have a swipe of our Immune Roller before getting dressed for the day. This roller includes Thieves, Frankincense and Lemon essential oil, all epic oils for supporting the immune system and helping the body during cold and flu seasons. Going back to school with lots of new children can be overwhelming for little bodies. Throw in the emotions of starting a new school/class and being away from home can make them very susceptible to coughs and colds. We use this roller day in, day out, but when it is back to school we go twice a day to keep all the bases covered.

Before we leave I use my Calm Roller Blend on the boys. It contains Vetiver, Lavender + Cedarwood essential oils which promote calm, focus and concentration. If they are particularly anxious we reach for Valor or Stress Away to help us feel cool and courageous. Meanwhile I am also rolling on Stress Away for the school run dash!

On pick up in the afternoon, the first thing we do is use our Thieves Hand Purifier. My kiddos have been touching who knows what and I want to make sure their hands are clean before giving them an after school treat. Then its back home where I am diffusing Stress Away and Peppermint. Stress Away helps them calm down after a busy day and Peppermint is amazing for focus and concentration while we wrap up any homework.

Finally, we will get everyone bathed and top up the bedroom diffusers. For the first week back we use Thieves and Orange or Thieves and Frankincense to keep that immune system boosted while they sleep. Ordinarily we go for sleepy vibe blends such as Peace & Calming or Lavender + Cedarwood. As they climb into bed we do another swipe of the Immune Roller on the soles of their feet before bedtime prayers.

And that my friends is how we use essential oils to go back to school! These natural, non-toxic products pack a punch and we wouldn’t be without them. If you have never used essential oils before and want to know how to get hold of some to support your family please drop me a line by clicking the join our team tab or follow this link as I would love to hook you up!

Have a blessed week Little Oilers

R x

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Singing over me

Are you lying awake right now, scanning the screen to kill time while sleep continues to elude you?

As a self-confessed night owl, I am frequently found burning the midnight oil only to suffer the consequences at 6 am when my sons decide its breakfast time. My recent trip to Cherish women’s conference in Leeds (which requires a whole other blog to discuss!) was no exception to this rule, with God conversations running into the wee hours and early mornings to secure the best seats in the house, followed by a 2 hour drive home. I came back spiritually refreshed but physically exhausted!

Upon my return that Saturday night, I found my beautiful boys bundled up in their beds. I lay next to them, snuggling their warm bodies and inhaling their scent deeply while I kissed their sleeping heads. Oh how I had missed them, I felt like my heart could burst as I quietly sang a melody over them.

Did you know that God sings a melody over you?

He watches you while you sleep, he sees the weary arms and legs flop onto the mattress, pulling sheets and blankets around your shoulders to shut out the world as you sink into slumber. God sees when you cry silent tears into the pillow for a love lost. He watches you as you toss and turn, reliving painful memories or fretting about the future. He hears the very thoughts in your mind as you lie awake pondering how to overcome a situation at work.

And all the while He is singing.

The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. Zephaniah 3:17

Singing melodies over your soul to gently soothe your troubled mind and reveal more and more of his power and grace. He instructs the angels to stand by your bedside and protect you from harm. God himself lays down next to you and wraps you up in a loving embrace to reveal his Father heart for his sons and daughters.

And he misses you.

Your absence from church hasn’t gone unnoticed by your heavenly father. Your polite decline to the numerous connect group meetings have not been overlooked. Your reluctance to come and sit in the presence of God and simply talk to him, breaks his heart.

God misses you!

As a Father and Mother miss their child when they are away, so too does our heavenly Father when we wander from the path that he has predestined for you. Absence certainly does make the heart grow fonder however, and with each passing day God is increasingly aware that you are hovering dangerously out of teach, vulnerable to distraction or attacking not safe in his arms, and he wants to draw you in to him, into his peace and into his purpose.

So as you lay yourself down to sleep, I pray the Lord your soul shall keep.
And I pray the Lord will let you hear, his songs of love whispered in your ear.