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Where is your security?

We recently received some income and felt like we finally had a financial buffer. Then today we were hit with a huge car repair bill that wiped out all bar a couple of hundred pounds of it. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach and I’m guessing this is how the Israelites… Continue reading Where is your security?


Running with others

"Oh, I don't run with others." This was my response to friends who had done Couch to 5k and wanted to join me on some of my regular runs. It makes me cringe now, looking back but there was a reason behind it. Running for me is more than just getting fit. It is my headspace, my… Continue reading Running with others

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You are mine

Seven years ago today I was in the throes of welcoming our first born into the world. He arrived in a peaceful birthing pool at 11.47am and my heart felt like it could burst as I gazed at this warm, wriggling pink body snuggled up to mine. The love I felt for my baby, even… Continue reading You are mine