Family Fun at the Circus

Hey friends! I just wanted to fill you in on our recent trip to Paulos Circus! If you have even been on the fence about taking your kiddos then let me reassure you it is soo much fun!

We were invited to attend Paulos Circus while they are in Coleshill in return for a review. We took our 9, 6 and 2 year old along to the 5pm showing on opening night and it did not disappoint!

We got there 30 minutes before the show to get our tickets and our seats. The seating area is tiered so you get a good view wherever you sit, or you can sit ring side! We chose central seats on the second level, right next to the popcorn machine. The kiddos bought popcorn to munch and flashing wands to wave until the countdown began!

The show itself is super family friendly and involves music, lighting and bubbles. We saw jugglers, aerial acts, knife throwers, laser shows and a strong man, not forgetting ‘Mr M’ the lovely haphazard clown that keeps ya entertained while the teams set up for the next act. The show lasts just over an hour but is incredibly fast paced so the time flys by. I was wondering how my toddler would get on but she sat on my knee the entire time, absolutely mesmerised. I loved watching her eyes widen as she clapped her hands.

There is minimal audience participation, and no one got squirted with anything much to my delight! One lady held a balloon for a trick that Mr M did, but nothing scary or sinister. Just good clean fun!

The circus is at Melbicks Garden Centre, Solihull until 31st March, with showings on Thursday and Fridays 5pm and 7.15pm and 2pm and 4.30pm at the weekend. Tickets cost £7pp or you can get a £2 off voucher from within Melbicks Garden Centre. Don’t miss out!

I honestly can’t recommend Paulos Circus enough to families of all ages – to be fair I would go again on my own without the children as the acts were just incredible! Check out my Instagram highlights for more videos and visit the Paulos Circus Facebook Page for more information.

R x


One thought on “Family Fun at the Circus

  1. Jan says:

    Glad you had a good time we have been Paulos circus for some 8/9 year here in Cornwall and have never been disappointed, looking forward to them here in Aug / Sept 2019


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