Truths from Toy Story

Sometimes we feel like God missed the memo.

I had this revelation today when watching the epic rescue scenes between Buzz and Woody as they try to get back to the moving van at the end of Toy Story.

We so often have a perfect plan laid out and are running headlong toward our goals when we get side swiped by life and fall flat on our face.

The interruption in our plans has the potential to create a huge detour or be a minor detail. In Toy Story, Woody’s immediate response of jealousy to the arrival of Buzz created division, distrust and disunity, and the devil will happily throw interruptions our way to stir updisappointment, discontentment and bring about the same detour. The enemy wants to distract us, divide us and disunite us.

In the movie Woody realises his error, shows remorse and becomes instrumental in Buzz’s rescue, but in the crucial moments when he races toward the moving van on RC, the little car’s batteries run out and all appears to be lost.

This has so many parallels in our lives. We hatch plan after plan to overcome obstacles and adversity and are making good time then all of a sudden we lose power, grow weary and find our get up and go has given up and gone.

Fortunately, like any good Disney movie, the story doesn’t end there and the hero steps in to save the day. Here comes Woody with his match to ignite the rocket and send the dynamic duo back on their way again.

The Holy Spirit is just like that match, ready to reignite our faith and relaunch us into Gods plans for us. He is always present and He will strike up a fire in our hearts so that we can fly forward once again in to all that God has for us.

Then comes the twist. Just when we take the leap of faith to smash our goal it seems we are flying straight past our intended target.  Our plans fail, our smiles falter, our faces fall, and in our blind panic we turn to God saying we are going to miss the truck!

And that’s when He replies we are not aiming for the truck.

God has a better plan, one that will see us through the next fifty years not just the next five minutes. He knows where we need to be, when we need to be there and how we will get there.


All He needs from us is that we keep moving, keep pressing on, keep running the race. We need to trust Him with every aspect of our lives, consult Him on every crossroad and hold onto Him constantly.

That way we will never ‘fall with style’, we will fly on wings of eagles.



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