Just do it

Just do it.

That wonderful strapline, coined by Nike, that reminds me of my tendency to procrastinate at any given moment in order to avoid the inevitable. Why is it that when deadlines are looming I find an insuppressible urge to clean my house, when I should be dealing with an issue head on I prefer to chat it over with several girlfriends first, and when I need to kick a habit I find a valid reason to put if off for another week or two.

The reason? Because we all like to fight the system. We all want to throw caution to the wind and find our own path, this trait is inbuilt into the human race. We all think we know best and sometimes go to lengths to prove it, sometimes we straight up can’t be bothered to deal with what is in front of us.

Just do it.

Impulsiveness can be a blessing and a curse, for those who don’t think things through, they will know only too well how it feels to come out the other side more than a little bruised after jumping in with both feet. Our gut isn’t always as reliable as we like to think it is. But our God is.

In Deuteronomy 1:6-7 we read about the Israelites who are circling a mountain. This mountain, Mount Sinai, was a barrier to the Promised Land that God has given them. He has already led them out of Egypt with miracle after miracle, He has literally held their hands and gone ahead of them as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. He has talked directly to the Israelites through Moses, providing guidance, wisdom, food and water. Yet here they are again, facing a mountain and needing a miracle. They did not know how to confront it or overcome it, and rather than turning to God they turn to each other doubting, complaining and second guessing the One who brought them here.

I can relate to this. The Israelite people were tired. They had just escaped slavery, they had been travelling a long time, they had lost many of their own, and they were probably just about ready to collapse. Sure, they wanted the promises of God, but they weren’t ready physically or emotionally to proclaim His goodness and faithfulness. Despite the tangible presence of the Lord and the miracles they had witnessed with their own eyes, the final leg of the journey to the Promised Land seemed impossible, and the Israelites faltered. Mistake number 1.

To appease them Moses sent scouts ahead to scope out the land. The scouts came back, arms brimming with produce they had found, and eyes wide from all they had seen, yet the people didn’t see the produce or remember the promise. They heard the details of giants living in the land and fear struck their hearts. The Israelites doubted that God could both provide and protect His people and they immediately started complaining.
Mistake number 2.

God was angry with the Israelites and what should have been an 11 day journey turned out to be a 40 day wander in the wilderness.

Procrastinating got the Israelites nowhere fast, literally. They faced more battles, mores losses, more pain, more fears and more tears the long way round, whereas if they had just trusted God they could have hopped up and over that mountain and stepped into the promises that God had already orchestrated for them.

Half of our battle today is that we cannot see what is over the horizon, we only focus on the craggy peaks in front of us. Yes, there are mountains that we must climb, yes there will be slips and stumbles along the way, but if you God says just do it,

Just do it.

We need to be confident that the God who has His eye on the sparrow has His eye on us. He won’t let a single small bird fall to the ground, and He won’t let you fall either. He wants to spare you the wilderness walk and instead He wants to take your hand on lead you over the threshold. And the beauty of trusting God is that with when you reach with your hands He will reveal the next hand hold, when you push up off your feet He will reveal the next foot hold.

One step at a time.

If you are currently camped out at the foot of your mountain, it is time to pack up, move out and move on. Stop staring at the problem and start stepping in to your promise, and if you cannot see the promise for yourself, trust that God has already set it up and He is waiting for you to step up.



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