Faith, Parenting

Time to shine

Each evening  (time allowing) the routine is the same. Retrieve my son’s hopelessly scuffed school shoes and try to resurrect them to their former glory.

Considering they are but two months old, it is quite incredible how much damage they have sustained. It appears that my son is trying to push the boundaries of even Clarks most indestructible range.

Isn’t that just like our faith? When we are new to Christianity, we can sometimes walk in the grace of God just a little too freely. We can be just a little too comfortable in the hope that unconditional love offers us and take for granted the complete forgiveness that Christ gives to us. We run around in our new faith,  bounding from obstacle to obstacle, ricocheting from turbulent relationship to turbulent relationship, continuing in the cycle of our sin not fully knowing how or why to change, or not being willing to.

So as my son keeps exploring, running and falling, and inevitably scuffing his shoes I will keep polishing them.


Because I want him to look his best. I want him to be presented to others as the smart, handsome, well turned out boy that I know he is.

And God wants to do the same to you and me.

He wants to take us in His ever loving hands and add the colour of character, patience and endurance to nourish, improve and ultimately extend our life. He wants to buff us gently with His grace till we shine like a new pin, then He can stand back and say “Ah, look at you now! So handsome, strong and faithful, so beautiful inside and out, patient and enduring.”

Beautiful one, we are created in the image of God, and when we shine brightest that’s when He smiles widest.

When my children do something selfless, something spontaneous that is kind or creative my very heart swells until I think I could burst. When they learn to overcome that fear, that obstacle, that challenge I am the proudest mother in the world and I bask in their reflected glory. That is just how God feels about His children, you and me.

If you feel scuffed and scarred following battles in your life, if you feel bruised and belittled, disappointed and lacklustre about life, then simply turn to the one who made you.

It may be a daily or even hourly process, but don’t lose heart my friend. Allow God to scoop you up in His strong yet gentle hands, allow Him to mould you, to smooth out the spot and wrinkle, fill in the cracks with His creators clay and polish you with His grace so that you truly shine for Him today.



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